Artisans, Designers and Labelled Partners of our Marketplace

Socially responsible artists, creative re-inventors

Our Marketplace highlights singular designers whose vocation is the design and realisation of everyday objects from used materials. You will find :

  • Artisans with whom Rue Rangoli builds direct and sustainable partnerships to extend their products and imagine new designs adapted to current consumption patterns.


  • Artisans in France and in Europe that we label for their environmental and social actions through Designer Upcycling. In compliance with our eco-responsible chart, we choose with them a range of ethical, aesthetic, creative and varied products.


Our craftsmen, coming from all over the world, are passionate and talented designers, companies, foundations, cooperatives, groups and NGOs. With a developed sense of creativity and innovation, they sublimate waste to make unique objects and sometimes give life to ancestral know-how brought up to date. Thanks to them ; tyres, elephant dung, newspapers, food packaging and plastic bottles are transformed into aesthetic everyday objects.


We value their know-how. To broadcast and recognize these good practices also allows the exchange of expertise.


For this, we build partnerships and imagine new job streams with those interested in the Socially responsible and Designer Upcycling approach in France, more widely in Europe and in other regions of the world.


Determined to change the world, our craftsmen are all committed to having a socially responsible approach.


To date, more than a hundred jobs have been created thanks to their convictions and actions. They fight against exclusion and offer the poor, refugees, people with disabilities, single mothers, rural communities, … innovative and stable employment opportunities.


We want you to discover their extraordinary lives, their story and to transmit to you, as they did with us, the passion that drives them.

the story of our artisans - rue rangoli