Zero Waste, Zero unemployment…

No, it’s not an impossible dream !

100% Designer Upcycling

Our creations are all made with an approach combining a melting pot of cultures, know-how and design. Made from used or natural materials and based on sustainable sectors that we verify ourselves in the field, we wish to give them a sustainable economic impact.

100% Socially Responsible

All our craftsmen and designers are passionate women and men. They train artisans or people from fragile or excluded backgrounds to bring out their creativity, to allow them to live off their talent and restore their autonomy and dignity.

Rue Rangoli’s Hallmark

We meet directly with our artisans in France and around the World who all integrate a creative, socially responsible and innovative approach. No intermediaries! We build partnerships to help them transition from a ‘ survival economy ‘ to a sustainable and circular economy. We distribute their products, help them consolidate their sectors and imagine new products or adapt them to today’s consumption habits.

A measurable and positive impact

Rue Rangoli has over a dozen partners in Europe, Asia and Africa, enabling more than 100 people (families) to live. A few figures to illustrate our environmental impact : 350 bottles of soda recycled per day in South Africa, 15 tons of plastics in Italy, 164 000 kg of elephant dung in India, 25 000 newspapers, 10 000 transformed cinema posters, 25 tons of recycled tires in India, …

A Lifestyle made in Rue Rangoli

We offer you a new experience of ecological consumption that will make you an actor of change and that combines pleasure, trend and pride of having a unique and beautiful product with a soul.

Our Daily Commitment

Rue Rangoli strives to minimise waste, for example by reusing used cartons for shipping, using suppliers who have a sustainable or social approach. Our Human Resources policy will provide employment opportunities to people outside the economic circuit. Our dream is the emergence of new Upcycling and Social sectors in France.

Rue Rangoli eco responsable chart