“… by getting up very early in the morning that we could admire in our village, women tracing these complex geometric patterns on the ground with rice powder. These ephemeral drawings feed the animals of the street and honour all living beings.


This ancestral art transmitted from mother to daughter, protects and cares for a street, a district, a village and symbolises the opening to the world.


An art called Rangoli. “

Rangoli illustrates the humanistic vision in which Patricia LAVOCAT, the Foundress, attempts to make “fight against exclusion” rhyme with “sustainable development”.

patricia lavocat fondatrice rue rangoli

“I come from Pondicherry, a small part of France in India, where I lived my first 10 years. From those years I drew my great sensitivity to development issues and chose to anchor my career in the values of cooperation. It is a region with great inequalities that conceals a human wealth that I always wanted to value.

Resilience allows the emergence of extraordinary talents and objects … “

Subsequently, traveling Africa and Asia for more than 20 years to meet actors of development, we had the chance to make beautiful meetings : men and women who were passionate and driven by the same values of ethics and solidarity.

They chose to put their skills and know-how at the service of disadvantaged or fragile populations and to fight daily to improve their living conditions.

From these meetings, was born Rue Rangoli.

We dream of a fairer, more humane and more respectful economy.

An economy that offers innovative and rewarding employment opportunities by allowing artisans and designers to live by their creativity and talents.

An economy that would not deplete the planet’s resources, but preserve them,

An economy that turns used products into wealth.

Of a Socially responsible economy based on Designer Upcycling, serving our daily lives

An economy that respects nature, our nature.

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