Rue Rangoli’s Lifestyle : a way of life made of little nothings

« Nothing is lost, … everything is transformed »

rue rangoli lifestyle

Sublimating our used materials to create objects that are both useful and beautiful, giving them a second life by transforming them into new aesthetic objects of quality is the heart of Designer Upcycling.

Our unique craftsmen are real artists : with their know-how and their infinite creativity, they can work wonders with little things. An inexhaustible resource such as waste is tastefully transformed into inspiring quality materials.

This is how elephant dung becomes delicate papers that make us want to write again, printing scraps become designer lamps; plastic bags find a second life in the form of pouches, placemats and flowerpots; bottoms of soda bottles become designer boxes; Saris’ are transformed into original gift wrapping and other unlikely materials into beautiful everyday objects without draining the resources of our planet.

More than just objects, it is an art of living respectful of both the planet and its inhabitants, a way of life in line with your values. We can offer you unique objects to suit your everyday mood, that will bear your mark and fill you with pride.